Healing effects of the traditional Thai massage are based on a long-term experience and knowledge of the anatomy of the human body.

Thai massage combines elements of acupressure, stretching and yoga. It involves usage of the energy channels of the body. Traditional Thai massage eliminates stress, helps to relieve migraine, revitalizes the locomotor system and relieves muscles. It is not painful.  Traditional Thai massage is done with hands, elbows, feet, knees and the weight of the whole body.

Traditional Thai massage has healing and preventive effects.

Thai massage balances the body and the mind whereas it is common that the mind calms down already during the massage when the customer falls asleep.


Contraindications:  This method is not suitable: after injuries, for varix areas, for pregnant women



Thai foot massage is a traditional massage method using reflex points on the feet, calves and thighs.

Foot represents the whole body and each part of the foot is connected with a certain part of the body and each reflex point with a certain organ.

Reflex points are stimulated by hands or using various massage props.

The main purpose of this massage method is that the painful areas are stimulated without being touched by the therapist.

Reflexology induces self-healing processes in the body using the map of the reflex zones.

This massage method improves the function of the inner organs, relieves tension and helps to relax.



Thai oil massage is a combination of the traditional Thai massage and aromatic oils which stimulate body through the skin and mind by inhaling.

The usage of oil reduces rubbing which makes this massage method softer in comparison with others.

During the massage your mind is being stimulated by the scent you choose and the healing herbal scents contained in the aromatic oils stimulate the body.

This massage method is suitable for relaxing mind, eliminating stress and as a prevention of sicknesses, tension, stiff and overworked muscles.

As a result of the oil application on the whole body it also conditions and moistures the skin.


Lava stone massage is a technique in which warmed lava stones are placed on the body according to the reflex zones and points. This relieves energetic centers and renews the flow of the energy in the whole body.

The stones are warmed up to 54 °C..

Lava stone massage helps to:

  -      relax
  -     improve the circulation of blood
  -     decrease the blood pressure
  -     increase of dermahaemia
  -     eliminate oedema
  -     improve the immune system
  -     release toxins
  -     oxygenate the blood
  -     increase the metabolism in local tissues
  -     release the muscles
  -     support the local analgetic effect
    -   increase the blood volume
Can be combined with: massage, head massage, foot massage



The compress is a cotton fabric filled with a mixture of several herbs such as curcuma, ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon and others. The heat from the compress carries out the herbal essences and herbal oils which have in combination with a slight pressure and heat healing effect on the harmony of a whole body.

Herbal compress helps to relieve stiff and sore muscles, improves circulation of blood and has a healing effect on skin.

Herbal compress is for multiple-use. Customers are given their herbal compresses home and bring them to their next massage session. Herbal compresses must be stored in the fridge.